Saturday, October 22, 2016

All The Delicious, Aphrodisiac Oysters At Thrillist’s Annual Empire Oyster Event

From freshly-shucked raw oysters from a dozen NY oyster farmers to mouthwatering, oyster-inspired eats from top restaurants in the area, Thrillist’s Empire Oyster event did not disappoint.

Oyster Pancake from Seabird

Fried oyster bites topped with pickled coleslaw, tartar sauce, and squid ink sauce on top of savory squid ink pancake - the Oyster Pancake also won People’s Choice award!

Oyster Ceviche from Swine

Fresh oyster topped with limoncello, gremolata, and annatto

Kumamoto Oyster Salad from Soju Haus

Sweet Kumamoto oyster with pickled Korean vegetables, sauce, and a roll of turkey meat

Oyster Ceviche from Littleneck

Plump oyster topped with leche de tigre, cucumber, and fine herbs

Smoked Oyster from Metropolis

Smoked oyster on the half shell with thousand island topping that included chopped veggies, olive oil, and mini croutons

Raw Oyster from Schiller’s Liquor Bar

Raw oyster with smoked, creamy coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and bacon bread crumb

Oyster Etouffee from Docks Oyster Bar

A little Southern favorite! Steamed oysters in rich etouffee with peppers, onion, celery, roasted tomatoes, and Cajun shellfish sauce.

Crispy Oyster Taco from L&W Oyster Co.

Smoked and fried Long Island oyster with crispy apple-jicama slaw and roated garlic aioli inside black mini taco shell

Grilled Oysters from Goodnight Sonny

Grilled oysters cooked with hickory smoke and served with herb butter

Oyster Escargot from The Fat Monk

Long Island oyster encrusted with parsley and Pernod butter