Friday, May 20, 2016

Top 4 Most Unique Gifts Guaranteed To Impress Your Loved Ones

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or graduation, these gifts will certainly put a big smile on their face.

1. Custom designed shoes from Quero Handmade Shoes

Quero offers high-quality, customized shoes that are designed by you with infinite possibilities of colors and leathers at the comfort of your own living room. The design you submit online is brought into life by shoemakers with generations of experience in Spain. Made to fit perfectly, Quero shoes are also affordable (most shoes are priced at $185) because its online business eliminates the need for a storefront or middleman. Choose from a wide selection of stylish, sleek styles for men and women, ranging from business to casual to formal. For a limited time, you can stop by Quero’s pop-up store at the Refinery Hotel in NYC to meet the founders and browse the selections in person.

2. Coffee and tea presses from ESPRO

Elevate the home kitchen coffee experience with ESPRO’s sophisticated line of presses, which you can use to perfect the traditional French press through their beautiful design and innovative technology. Unlike other presses, ESPRO features double micro-filter to create the distinct French press flavor without any mess or grit. The buffer between the filters allows coffee grinds and tea leaves to block further extraction to ensure consistent taste from the first sip to the last. Additionally, their thoughtful design, such as the walls of the press that are 40 percent thicker than competitor products, helps to keep beverages hotter for a longer period of time. ESPRO presses will help you serve the best cup of coffee or tea, all the while becoming the showpiece of any table.

3. Bracelets and gold pendant from Delicacies

Designed with foodies in mind, bracelets and gold pendant from Delicacies celebrates the natural beauty, simplicity, and meaning ingrained in the food we eat. The delicate and minimalist design of the bracelet is centered around a signature ingredient that is cast in the highest quality sterling silver and paired with rich Italian leather. Choose from a wide range of ingredients, from chickens, octopus, lobsters, pigs, and cows to artichoke, chili, corn, carrots, pineapple, and grapes. Each ingredient comes with special meanings, such as the cow, which promotes strength, good fortune, fertility, and spirituality.

4. Dry rose from Brooklyn Winery

Made from Old Vine Grenache vines planted in the 1940’s, the Dry Rosé from Brooklyn Winery boasts both the elegance and intensity of flavors. The light salmon hue invokes the pink wines made in the South of France, intertwined with a new world vibrancy that bursts from the glass. In addition to this sophisticated bottle of dry rose, Brooklyn Winery - a boutique urban winery in the heart of Williamsburg - produces other premium small batch artisanal wines made with modern techniques to ensure the best results possible.