Sunday, September 9, 2012

Boston Restaurant Week: Savory Bluefish at EVOO Restaurant in Kendall Square

After spending the summer in New York City--the culinary epicenter of the world--I became quite spoiled in terms of food. I especially loved the deals I got through Restaurant Week. Although I would have preferred to visit restaurants during non-Restaurant Week to enjoy their regular menu and full service, my wallet was certainly a lot happier with the budget-friendly prie fixe menu. I was fortunate enough to be in Boston to try out Restaurant Week while it was in session in the city. My team and I went to EVOO Restaurant, which is located in Kendall Square.

EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In accordance to the name of the restaurant, we were served extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed in with chopped garlic and parsley. The sliced baguette was toasted, per request. I am usually not a fan of olive oil because it tend to be too heavy for my liking, but this olive oil had a distinct taste that I couldn't keep my toasted bread away from dipping into it. I would have liked more balsamic vinegar and less garlic though.

The 3-course prie fixe lunch menu included an appetizer, entree, and dessert for $20.12. My friend ordered Chilled Cantaloupe Soup with diva cucumbers, prosciutto dust, and mint foam. I think all soup needs to be hot, or at least warm, so the concept of chilled soup confuses me.


I wonder how they got the foam on the soup. I didn't get to taste it, but apparently the mint flavor wasn't strong enough. The combination of fruity and savory seems interesting.

Another appetizer on the table was Tomatoes, Basil, Mint, EVOO, Coarse Salt, and Burratini. It was basically a plate of all the ingredients drenched in olive oil. Burrata, which is a type of cheese made of mozzarella and cream, reminded me of a pouch. I liked seeing different varieties of tomatoes. 

I knew I would be way too stuffed if I didn't get something light as an appetizer, so I opted for the Lettuce, Little Tomatoes, Corn, Radishes, and Goat Cheese salad with roasted garlic vinaigrette. Even though the menu indicated that I will be served lettuce, what came to the table was a bed of slightly wilted spinach. 

I also asked for no dressing, but the chef instead put so much salt and pepper that it had really strong, salty flavors. 

Underneath the bed of spinach were radish, corn, tomatoes, and goat cheese. The sweet goat cheese and corns complemented each other pretty well. I thought the red radishes had some bitter aftertaste that I didn't like too much. 

For appetizer, everyone on the table except two people ordered different dishes so there was some variety on the table.

For entree, however, everyone must have felt a bit fishy because we all ordered Backroom Smoked Bluefish Fillet with Corn Risotto, Grilled Zucchini, and Nectarine-Basil Relish. 

I had absolutely no regret about getting the bluefish because it was absolutely delicious. The fish had sweet nectarine relish on top with savory corn risotto and grilled zucchini underneath.

The problem I often encounter when ordering fish is that it's usually overcooked that it ends up tasting really dry. However, this fillet was cooked perfectly, if not slightly undercooked, which is just the way I love because it maintains all the juice.

The corn risotto wasn't too creamy, yet still had the rich flavor of a delicious risotto. The rice was also cooked nicely because it wasn't that mushy. The sweet, fruity relish added an interesting flavor to the savory dish.

I didn't realize how delicious bluefish was before I took my first bite. The fish was rubbed with spicy seasoning that added an extra layer of flavor.

The fish had an excellent, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Nom nom nom. This is a dish I could eat over and over again. I also liked the grilled zucchini and the risotto.

To cap off my 3-course lunch, I had Warm Chocolate Truffle Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Cream. I am not a fan of chocolate, but I was really craving something gooey that day so I ordered the truffle cake, hoping that it would resemble something like a molten lava cake. The round chocolate cake was served on a pool of toasted marshmallow cream with a basil leaf on top.

The outer edge of the cake was slightly dry, but the inside was molten and gooey. Since the cake is truffle-based, it was really rich and dense. I much preferred the marshmallow cream to regular thick cream.

One other dessert on the table was Peach-Berry Crisp with Sweet Corn Ice Cream. Just based on what it looked like, the dessert seemed very buttery, especially the cobbler on top. Also, the peach/berry compote seemed quite artificial too.

I would have never guessed that the ice cream was sweet corn flavor because it just looked like plain vanilla ice cream to me. Overall, I enjoyed my restaurant week experience at EVOO, and would definitely order the bluefish multiple times.

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