Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sandrine's Bistro: Hoppin' Rabbit

Sandrine's Bistro, located at the heart of the Harvard Square, presents classic and contemporary French cuisine. According to its website, the owner Raymond Ost is one of the most decorated French chefs in the region. With his partner Gwen Trost, he has created "a winning combination of European warmth and style with American efficiency."

I always walked past Sandrine's while visiting some friends in the River Houses, so I was excited to try the place for the first time. My friend I ordered the day's special appetizer, Avocado and Lobster.

Granted, we were surprised when the waitress brought the dish. It certainly didn't look like what I had expected! I have never had a dish with half shell of the entire avocado. The dish itself was presented beautiful, so I was really curious to see if the taste lived up to standard.

It certainly did. Like the unique presentation of the dish itself, the taste was nothing like I had ever tasted. We had to scoop the avocado with a spoon and get the crab meat and carrots/cucumber mixture (I believe it was mixed with mayonnaise and some spicy chili sauce). The savory crab meat went really well with the smooth avocado and the seaweed salad at the bottom. Even the cucumber and the tomatoes on the side, which I assume were used merely as a decoration, were tasty! The only minus would be that the dish was a bit difficult to eat because the avocado kept swiveling to the side.

I felt pretty adventurous, so I decided to order the Braised Organic Rabbit Leg (One rabbit leg with wide egg noodles, mushrooms, lardon, maille mustard a l’ Ancienne sauce). Again, it was my first time having rabbit. What a revolutionary experience! The meat was extremely tender, especially compared to the chicken my friend ordered. The sauce was a little too creamy and had big chunks of pork fat (aka bacon) that I was appalled by, but the combination of egg noodle and tender rabbit meat was fascinating.

This is the Organic Roasted Herbes de Provence Half Chicken with Crushed yukon gold potatoes, sautéed haricots verts, au jus that my friend ordered. Eh. Nothing too special. Just a regular chicken. The meat was a bit dry, but that could be because the rabbit was extremely tender in comparison! Rabbit meat could perhaps be my new favorite meat dish.
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