Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Red House: Creamy and Cheesy Risotto

After 22 hours of traveling, I finally arrived at Harvard. Because I had been immobile for such a long time and kept eating food in the plane to prevent my stomach from growling, the food didin't digest too well and I felt really full. Two of my closest guy friends, however, asked me to join them for dinner so I couldn't resist.
We went to the Red House, an upscale modern American restaurant in the heart of the Harvard Square. I knew if I ate something, I would get stomach flu so the post is blogged vicariously through my two friends.
Two different types of appetizer was served: a plain baguette and baguette with nuts and raisins.
From the looks of it, the bread seemed slightly dry.
The boys ordered an appetizer to share.Three pieces of well-cut pan-seared sea scallops ($11) were served over roasted parsnip and chestnut puree, and finished with sage brown butter.
The sprinkles of parsley and pomegranate seeds added a nice visual touch. I am sure the flavors were there, too.
The scallop was juicy and seared nicely-it was soft without the touch, chewy texture from being overcooked. The puree seemed slightly too creamy for my liking, especially with the sage brown butter at the bottom.
The Lobster Risotto ($25) was prepared with fresh lobster meat, Swiss Chard, and Bel Paese (semi-soft Italian cheese with mild, buttery flavor).
I was impressed by the actual chunks of lobster meat in the risotto.
The Bel Paese made the risotto have a very strong "cheesy" taste.
The green chard and the red lobster were so pretty together.
I like vegetables so I didn't mind the abundance of chard.
The pieces of chard weren't cut at all so they had to be cut with a knife before eating.
Another risotto that we ordered was the smoked duck risotto, the special risotto of the day.
Like the lobster risotto, the duck risotto also had the sprinkles of parsley on top.
We added the freshly grated parmesan cheese on top for an extra boost of cheesy flavor.
The risotto was extremely creamy. The smokiness from the duck permeated throughout the risotto to give it an overal smokey flavor.
The duck also tasted like bacon.
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