Monday, May 14, 2012

Back to the Root: Korean Food at Koreana

There is one cuisine that I never get sick of, no matter how much I eat it: Korean. I grew up eating Korean food and it's the food I eat at home. Now that I am a college student living thousands of miles away from home and home-cooked meals, I am beginning to appreciate Korean food even more. I was really craving dolsot bibimbop so I decided to go to the Koreana Restaurant in Kendall Square.

One key thing about Korea cuisine is its generosity. Whatever you order, you get many different varieties of banchans, or little side dishes, including kimchi, flattened fish cake, pickled seaweed, spinach, and bean sprout. These banchans also make a great appetizer.

My entree, kimchi dolsot bibimbop, came in a sizzling hot pot. Smells so good! When I was in Korea this winter, I would ask my mom to make me dolsot bibimbop every single day, every meal. No exaggeration. This dolsot bibimbop had a generous portion of summer squash, bean sprout, mushroom, carrots, spinach and kimchi. Because of the sauce from the kimchi, I didn't even have to add that much chili paste.

All mixed up and ready to be gobbled :) I much prefer the bibimbop in a dolsot because it keeps the food warm (or, rather, hot!) the entire way through. My favorite part is the crackled rice at the bottom. It is like discovering tootsie roll in the center of the tootsie roll lolli pop.

My friend got a serving of galbi. It was sprinkled with scallions, and carrots & broccoli on the side.

With the brown rice in the back...I don't think char-grilled galbi does justice to Korean BBQ because the legit version has to be grilled right in front of you! Although one negative part about that is that your clothes stain afterward.

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