Monday, May 14, 2012

Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine at Sugar & Spice

My dorm is located in between Harvard Square and Porter Square. Even though I have visited several restaurants in the Square due to its proximity to my classes and social happenings, I rarely spend time near the Porter Square. Really, there is no reason for me to be there! Now that school is out for good and that I have so much free time, I decided to venture out to Porter Square to check out a Thai restaurant there called Sugar & Spice.

My friend and I ordered the Steamed Shrimp Shumai ($4.95) appetizer to start. We got 7 pieces of really dry shumai that tasted like one of those frozen shumai you get from Costco. The fillings were pretty much absent and it was mostly the outer skin. The shumai was also bland and tasteless, even when it was literally dunked in the soy sauce.

Our first entree was Gra Prao Chicken, ($9.95) spicy minced chicken in chili sauce. There was a bed of greasy, chili oil underneath which freaked me out a little. The white rice tasted a bit undercooked, and I couldn't really taste the chicken because it was minced so small. I would have liked more spices.

The Pad Thai ($8.95), or stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, egg, peanuts, bean sprouts and scallions, is a must-dish at a Thai restaurant. The pad thai was sweeter than other pad thai I have had (indeed it reflects the name of the restaurant well!). There were only three medium-sized shrimps and bits of chicken. Usually the ground peanuts are served on the side, but this restaurant had it all mixed in the noodle already.

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