Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Most Reviewed Business on Yelp: NYC Halal Guys

I use Yelp  all the time to search for restaurants nearby, read real people reviews, and look at photos. Possibly the most reviewed places of all time on this popular website is 53rd & 6th Halal Cart, also known as Halal Guys. To date, the food cart in New York City has a whopping 2,933 reviews!

Halal Guys is a New York City landmark. It is even listed as one of the top spots you must visit when in the city. In a city where the price of Big Mac is more expensive than most places, Halal Guys caters to those who are looking for quick and cheap, yet filling, meal on-the-go.

When I arrived at the corner of 53rd and 6th during lunch time, the line extended for about a block. Nonetheless, the workers adorned in bright yellow shirts were super efficient so the line moved really fast. When you approach the front of the line, the guy asks you, "Chicken, Lamb, or Combo?" ($6) Since it was my first time, I decided to try the combo. You can also get falafel if you oppose meat.

The Halal guys fill the round silver tin with orange Spanish rice (food coloring?), a bed of iceberg lettuce, and chicken & ground lamb. He also put three pieces of warm pita. I decided to get the signature "red sauce" and "white sauce" on the side with a little bit of BBQ sauce.

When I opened the lid, the smell was pungent. MSG overload? I couldn't believe how much food they packed in that tin. I scooped some rice and bit into the minced lamb, which just tasted like mushed meatball. The chicken wasn't much better because it was really overcooked and dry.

The pita had sprinkles of seasoning, and I appreciated that it was warm. I only had about a quarter of the meal because my stomach was filling a bit queasy. I am not used to food with such strong artificial flavors. I guess having the most reviews on Yelp doesn't mean that the place is delicious.

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